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An Overview of Leather Thicknesses

One ounce of leather is equal to 1/64" in thickness, but hides rarely measure to the exact 1/64" throughout, as there are always slight variations in thickness. Hides run through a splitting machine are more consistent, but still not perfect. It is best to remember that the more ounces there are, the heavier the leather will be. The chart below provides basic leather conversions and the uses of each size.
OuncesIronsGraphicFractional InchesDecimal InchesMillimetersApplication
1 oz. leather0.751 oz. leather1/640.0160.41 mmLinings, Shoes, Boots, Pouches, Purses, Gussets, and Garments
2 oz. leather1.502 oz. leather1/320.0310.78 mm
3 oz. leather2.253 oz. leather3/640.0471.19 mm
4 oz. leather3.004 oz. leather1/160.0631.60 mmPurses, Shoes, Boots, Pouches, Aprons, Chaps and Knife Sheaths
5 oz. leather3.755 oz. leather5/640.0781.98 mm
6 oz. leather4.506 oz. leather3/320.0942.39 mm
7 oz. leather5.257 oz. leather7/640.1092.78 mm
8 oz. leather6.008 oz. leather1/80.1253.18 mmBelts, Saddlebags, Bridles, Halters, Dog Collars, Straps, Scabbards, Holsters, Sheaths, Tool Pouches and Slings
9 oz. leather6.759 oz. leather9/640.1413.58 mm
10 oz. leather7.5010 oz. leather5/320.1563.96 mmHeavy Belts and Strap Goods, Gun Belts, Stirrup Straps, Cattle Halters, Heavy Horse Halters and Leads
11 oz. leather8.2511 oz. leather11/640.1724.37 mm
12 oz. leather9.0012 oz. leather3/160.1884.78 mm
13 oz. leather9.7513 oz. leather13/640.2035.17 mm
14 oz. leather10.5014 oz. leather7/320.2195.57 mmSafety Belts*, Harnesses, Stirrup Straps, Saddle Skirting, Soles and Heels, Gunbelts and Machine Belting
15 oz. leather11.2515 oz. leather15/640.2345.95 mm
16 oz. leather12.0016 oz. leather1/40.2506.36 mmSafety Harnesses*, Work Harnesses*, Saddle Skirting, Soles and Heels
*Always remember that leather is a natural material that’s not intended for use on products that carry a high liability or certification of tensile strength. On occasion, leather fibers can become weak without any visible signs of wear. Fall arrest or safety equipment should never be made with leather constructing the strength member. More consistent materials like heavy-duty webbing should be used for strength member construction.