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Learn how to make a leather fringe purse. We’re going to use a 4-to-5-ounce pebble grain chrome-tanned leather side to create a purse with 10-inch fringe on both ends. We’ll add an 8-by-8-inch pouch with a gusset and attach our shoulder straps with 1-inch nickel plated D rings. The last step is to add a concho as a flap closure, giving this leather fringe handbag a rustic yet professional look that will last for years.

You'll use about 4 square feet of leather for this purse with the main body using a piece 8' wide x 34" in length.

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Pattern Sheet, 24" x 45"

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Steel Square, 12" x 8"

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Cushion Grip Snap Off Knife 6-1/4"

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Barry King Maul

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